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Adrienne Caldwell Dog Training and Behavior Center is a revolution in the dog training industry for the educated consumer -- offering "a unique holistic approach since 1990."


While solidly grounded in behavioral science our focus breaks the mold borrowing from principles of Rogerian Theory and Humanistic Psychology translated to a language understood in the animal kingdom. Where Humanistic Psychology is Client Centered, our approach is Canine Centered.

Canine Centered

It is not about behavior an owner wants a dog to perform or not perform but answers and solutions that lie in how a dog feels and experiences the world around him (which in turn ameliorates the behaviors so frequently dubbed as "problematic.)"

Phylogenetic Maladjustment

Many domesticated animals suffer from what has been coined by veterinarian and anthropologist Stephen Boyden as "phylogenetic maladjustment."

Addressing the behavioral issues of a dog requires not only an understanding of their inner world but of the world from which they originally evolved before domestication.

It is important to appreciate from a dog's point of view (to walk a mile in their "paws" so to speak) the great adjustment they are required to make in adapting to our world. They deserve our very best efforts in understanding, patience and kindness in helping them make this transition.


Let us help you resolve the conflict between what you want your dog to do or not to do and your dog's natural instincts.

We train with EMPATHY - helping owners see the world through the eyes of their dog.


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